Mobile veterinary care in South Lakeland and Mulberry.
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Imagine veterinary visits that were free from fear and stress. We’re happy to provide that. Dr. Orasky will be offering services such as routine preventative care, soft tissue surgery, complete dental cleanings including dental radiographs, hospice care, and euthanasia services to your pet. Even better, she will be able to come to your home and work with your furry family member in its own environment at convenient times for you; avoiding the stress and struggle of packing up and going to the veterinarian’s office.
Routine Preventive Care
Starting your pet off with proper preventive measures will ensure a long, happy life! Family Mobile Veterinary Clinic focuses on getting your pet on the right track with vaccinations, diet, and preventive medicine! We’ll also talk about lifestyle, dental care, and other medical issues to consider as your pet enters different stages of their life.
Dental Care
According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease. Your pet’s oral care should be focused on as much as your own. If there is an issue, you will start to notice exceptionally bad breath, brownish plaque at the base of the teeth, excessive drooling, sore or bleeding gums when eating or chewing, and decreased appetite. Maintaining strong dental health and a regular cleaning program not only assures that your pet’s mouth and teeth will remain in excellent condition, but will also help to prevent infections that can spread through the bloodstream to affect major organs such as your pet’s liver, kidneys, and heart.
Soft Tissue Surgery
Soft tissue surgery is simply any surgery not related to bones or joints. We’re able to offer soft tissue surgeries in the comfort of our clean and safe mobile clinic. Routine surgeries like spaying or neutering your pet will not only prevent unwanted pregnancies and litters but will also prevent more serious pet health issues as they age. This routine procedure will ensure your pet steers clear of unwanted health issues like cancer and other diseases that may occur from a lack of fixing a pet.
Hospice Care
If your pet has taken a turn for the worse, we will work on a lifestyle plan that will help them be comfortable and pain-free until their final days. Any condition that is terminal or will limit your pet’s quality of life moving forward can be addressed with palliative medicine. We’ll work tirelessly to make your pet feel better, allowing them to relax at home.
In-Home Euthanasia
We’ll be there every step of the way. We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to a beloved companion. With privacy in the comfort of your home, we’ll help you say goodbye to your beloved companion with dignity and grace.

Exam Fee: $65
Rabies Vaccine: $25
Travel Cost: minimum of $105 (can change based on your specific location)
Canine Annual Exam: $270 (includes all vaccinations, heartworm test, and fecal)
Feline Annual Exam: $230

Pet care that comes to you.


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Fri – Sun: Closed

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